Legal Matters 

Never Ignore a Summons 

Many people find the idea of being sued to be a terrifying experience and many unlucky recipients of a summons often ignore it thinking that it will just go away. Getting sued doesn't mean you are a bad person. In simple terms it just means someone or some company has a disagreement with you or believes you are not honoring an agreement and is asking a judge to decide who is right.

A summons will not just go away if you ignore it. Ignoring a summons can be a huge mistake, and here is why....

 Most summons require an "answer" which is simply you stating your side of the story. It doesn't always have to be a long drawn-out novel as to why you feel you are right. It has to answer the particular points raised in the summons. If you fail to answer the summons within the time frame specified (sometimes 15 days, sometimes 30, etc,) [the respond-by time is usually noted on the summons] then the plaintiff (the one suing you) or their attorney will file a motion for a "default judgement." That simply means you didn't bother to answer the summons so the plaintiff asks the court to award them victory over you. No fanfare, nothing remarkable, just a simple victory over the case....and you lose by default. There are some good attorneys that may be able to change that outcome but it only costs you more money.

Hire an attorney if you can afford one and have them file an ANSWER to that summons. You may think that attorneys are only for the wealthy or well-off individuals but if you call around to some law offices and explain the summons and some basic details, you may be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to at least get an ANSWER to the summons filed. If you can't afford one there may be some legal resources in your city that offer free assistance to people who are without the ability to afford an attorney. Ask around and you might be quite happy with your search.

Benefits of answering a summons:

1. The plaintiff may change their mind and withdraw.
(for various reasons like the anticipated cost of the case or if they don't really have a case to begin with, etc.)

2. You may buy yourself time to work out a solution.
(this is where an attorney can really help you.)

3. You don't just give the plaintiff an easy win.
(why roll over and accept defeat?)

Contact an attorney and find out the best options available to you. By all means do not run away from a summons and do not think you'll get around to it sometime - ANSWER it.What's hot?  What's not?

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What is SoPopular?

We are a group of individuals that "listen" to goings-on but not on the social media side of the world.  We deal with real life happenings inside stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. We have an army of people who share with us what they have heard about a product, service, news, etc.

We then do research on the topic to find out what is causing that discussion and if it's something we feel is important for you to know about - we share that information.

Every day we get hundreds of tips from real people who hear things and share with us or others on what they are hearing. We believe that the conversations in the real world is much more influential on impacting a shopping event than any social media site could hope for. 

Why does SoPopular Do This?

This site is designed to be the eyes and ears for people who want to keep up with the latest trends that other people are talking about - and not only on social media.

We don't just put something up if we hear it from one person. We put it up if we hear it, and confirm it, from multiple sources. If on we all-of-a-sudden hear about a new Pinot Noir that is on the market and everyone is talking about it - that's something others will want to know about.  

In many cases we have been three weeks ahead of social media discussing the same things we have listed.  Three weeks is a lifetime for some products, ideas, or services.

What About Social Media?

FACT: Not everyone on Social Media is a Real Person.

Sorry to tell you but these days with the rise of AI and "bots" it's very, very common for a person not to be a person. It's a bot or a script that is sent out to the 'net to talk about something with the sole purpose of getting people interested in a product and then make money from the links they put in their messages. It's a very, very common behavior these days and we're tired of seeing people duped into thinking a certain product is "hot" because they heard about it from stranger on social media. 

We may not have our ear to the rail on every single product that is being discussed in the real world, but over time we definitely plan to listen very carefully and share with the world what real people are saying, what they are buying, and most importantly.... why they are buying it.

Right now we are listing items we hear about the most and also only listing items we can find easily so you can view the product or item and decide if you wish to pursue. 

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