Common Sense 

The Talk on the Streets is.....

Merging Onto a Highway

This may seem like common sense to you but one of the most popular grievances people have with other drivers is how they have no clue how to merge into high speed traffic.

A merge lane is also known as an "onramp" or an "acceleration lane" and the purpose of it is to let the vehicle get up to and match the speed of the traffic on the highway so the entry process is effortless.  Problem is, it doesn't work out that way for many drivers.

About 90% of drivers using onramps are doing it wrong.

The merge lane is not a cruising lane, a slow Sunday drive lane, or a chat-with- your-passenger lane.  It's a lane designed to get up to speed in preparation of a merge into traffic.  In case you missed the important part....

"get up to speed"

If the highway  you are merging onto is 65 miles per hour then you should get up to a speed that does not cause other drivers on that highway to have to change their speed to "make room for you."   This is one of the most common annoyances of driving on a highway.  When highway traffic is at-speed and a vehicle is entering that highway slower than the other traffic, guess what happens?  All of the cars in the lane where the traffic is entering the highway have to slow down, move over, or take evasive action to make sure they don't run into that vehicle.  The effect often goes back a quarter to a half mile, very similar to dropping a pebble in a quiet pond - the waves go on and on....

This can cause auto accidents as well.

Many times a slower speed vehicle entering a higher speed lane of traffic will cause some drivers to (a) refuse to let the slower vehicle into the lane which forces the merging vehicle to travel in the shoulder until traffic has cleared (often causing an accident), (b) speed up faster than the speed limit to make room for that slow vehicle, which can be unsafe for that driver, or (c) make a driver on the highway quickly change lanes to let that slow vehicle into traffic, often not looking into the other lane and causing a chain reaction accident.  This happens, and the merging traffic is usually the trigger that causes everything to happen.

Ever Looked at a Zipper?

Merging into traffic should be easy and effortless for both the vehicle on the highway and the vehicle entering the highway.  If you have ever looked at a common zipper you'll get the idea of how merging should really happen.  Basically space yourself far enough apart from the other vehicles and enter at the same of traffic and everyone stays happy.  If you enter slower than the highway traffic - the zipper method won't work and things get bunched up.  If you enter too closely to another vehicle - the zipper method won't work and things get bunched up.  Try keeping the idea of a zipper in your head when merging into traffic and you will find the traffic flows more smoothly before, during, and after you make your way into the lane.

What is SoPopular?

We are a group of individuals that "listen" to goings-on but not on the social media side of the world.  We deal with real life happenings inside stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. We have an army of people who share with us what they have heard about a product, service, news, etc.

We then do research on the topic to find out what is causing that discussion and if it's something we feel is important for you to know about - we share that information.

Every day we get hundreds of tips from real people who hear things and share with us or others on what they are hearing. We believe that the conversations in the real world is much more influential on impacting a shopping event than any social media site could hope for. 

Why does SoPopular Do This?

This site is designed to be the eyes and ears for people who want to keep up with the latest trends that other people are talking about - and not only on social media.

We don't just put something up if we hear it from one person. We put it up if we hear it, and confirm it, from multiple sources. If on we all-of-a-sudden hear about a new Pinot Noir that is on the market and everyone is talking about it - that's something others will want to know about.  

In many cases we have been three weeks ahead of social media discussing the same things we have listed.  Three weeks is a lifetime for some products, ideas, or services.

What About Social Media?

FACT: Not everyone on Social Media is a Real Person.

Sorry to tell you but these days with the rise of AI and "bots" it's very, very common for a person not to be a person. It's a bot or a script that is sent out to the 'net to talk about something with the sole purpose of getting people interested in a product and then make money from the links they put in their messages. It's a very, very common behavior these days and we're tired of seeing people duped into thinking a certain product is "hot" because they heard about it from stranger on social media. 

We may not have our ear to the rail on every single product that is being discussed in the real world, but over time we definitely plan to listen very carefully and share with the world what real people are saying, what they are buying, and most importantly.... why they are buying it.

Right now we are listing items we hear about the most and also only listing items we can find easily so you can view the product or item and decide if you wish to pursue. 

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