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LED Technology for Older Cars

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One of the greatest technologies to hit the automotive products market is LED headlights.  The lights are far, far brighter than the old 12-volt DC filament style bulbs and they consume a fraction of the energy of old style bulbs used.

Most new vehicles come with LED headlights and almost all of the exterior and interior lighting is now LED.  The bulbs last 10x longer (in some cases they will outlast the vehicle itself) and they give of a brighter, whiter, light.

Many LED headlight manufacturers are now making replacement bulbs for older vehicles.  This means you can enjoy the same bright "white light" headlights that current vehicles use.

Older drivers will benefit from this.

If you have a parent or grandparent that is driving and has a hard time seeing at night - this may be the greatest gift you could give them.  Check around online for "Replacement Led Headlight Bulbs" and see if they have them for the vehicle your parent or grandparent drives.  The manufacturer may even make a complete replacement headlight assembly to fit the new LED technology light into their vehicle.   The first time they drive at night and see that whiter light - they will be thanking you for that gift ten times over.

What is SoPopular?

We are a group of individuals that "listen" to goings-on but not on the social media side of the world.  We deal with real life happenings inside stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. We have an army of people who share with us what they have heard about a product, service, news, etc.

We then do research on the topic to find out what is causing that discussion and if it's something we feel is important for you to know about - we share that information.

Every day we get hundreds of tips from real people who hear things and share with us or others on what they are hearing. We believe that the conversations in the real world is much more influential on impacting a shopping event than any social media site could hope for. 

Why does SoPopular Do This?

This site is designed to be the eyes and ears for people who want to keep up with the latest trends that other people are talking about - and not only on social media.

We don't just put something up if we hear it from one person. We put it up if we hear it, and confirm it, from multiple sources. If on we all-of-a-sudden hear about a new Pinot Noir that is on the market and everyone is talking about it - that's something others will want to know about.  

In many cases we have been three weeks ahead of social media discussing the same things we have listed.  Three weeks is a lifetime for some products, ideas, or services.

What About Social Media?

FACT: Not everyone on Social Media is a Real Person.

Sorry to tell you but these days with the rise of AI and "bots" it's very, very common for a person not to be a person. It's a bot or a script that is sent out to the 'net to talk about something with the sole purpose of getting people interested in a product and then make money from the links they put in their messages. It's a very, very common behavior these days and we're tired of seeing people duped into thinking a certain product is "hot" because they heard about it from stranger on social media. 

We may not have our ear to the rail on every single product that is being discussed in the real world, but over time we definitely plan to listen very carefully and share with the world what real people are saying, what they are buying, and most importantly.... why they are buying it.

Right now we are listing items we hear about the most and also only listing items we can find easily so you can view the product or item and decide if you wish to pursue. 

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